Hello, I’m Katharina. I study design and I love all kinds of art, dancing, avocados and fashion.

I travel as much as I can and I take too many snaps along the way. This is my blog, my place to record my memories. These are my thoughts, my dreams and inspirations, my portfolio and work, my adventures and experiences.

This is my story. 

Hello September

and happy international beard day

September 02, 2017


Autumn is finally around the corner and of course I have to start wearing jumpers from now on even though it's still 20 degrees outside. I stole this sick vintage Ralph Lauren one from my sister because I'm currently spending some time at my parent's place and I only have summer clothes here. But to celebrate this special day, I left the quiet house, picked up my beard and bought us lunch. We had burgers and spent some time shopping. 

Now we'll probaly just watch a film because I'm still not entirely well and Saturday night ready. As you might have seen on my insta story I was in hospital for one night because I had an alergic reaction from some medication and I was in terrible pain for hours until I passed out and had to get a couple of infusions. Sounds horrible I know, and it really was but I'm fine now. I received a lot of replies and it made me so happy to read them. I appreciate it so much that you cared about me. Thanks to everyone.



coffee and pants

August 26, 2017


I guess I like plants so much that I have to pose with each single one I see. Today we had some coffee at a restaurant which is located right beside a lake and inside a plant and interior shop. There is no better combination in the world than coffee and plants so this seemed like the perfect thing to do on a Saturday. After I got my highly needed iced coffee on this hot day I was taking a look at all the beautiful plants and accessories they had. Most of them were really huge and expensive fancy plants for big homes that would never ever fit into the little home of mine so that explains the disappointed and rather weird faces in two of the pictures. But hey, I just want to keep it real you know. 

We also got the analog pictures from London developed and some of them turned out really nice. I'm so looking forward to sharing them and seeing all the ones from Amsterdam, the parties and trips. I have a quite a lot of film cans lying around so this will be fun. 



and everything rose gold

August 21, 2017

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

I'm 21 years old and still a victim of everything pink, shiny and rose gold. Even when it comes to picking a colour scheme for some design project I always tend to pick a dirty pink or light salmon shade. I'm such a girl, I know. When we where in London last month, Tobi wanted check out Nike Town and I thought I was safe because usually I only buy their shoes and sports bras. But yeah it seemed like this sweater had 'KATZI' written all over it next to the big white logo. I just had to buy it. I mean it's cropped, super comfy and has one of the most badass logos in the world on it. Oh and it's in a dirty pink tone.

Today it was a lot colder than the last couple of days so I finally had the chance to wear it for the first time. We just wanted to get coffee at Café Promenade but ended up sharing a salad and potato wedges. Afterwards we had a little stroll through our beautiful city before I let him go home to play Zelda all night. Now it's time for a girls night with my roomie. We'll watch some horror films and maybe the people on the streets as well.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Rainbows & Risottos

Mondays off are great

August 07, 2017


Mondays are great. Well at least if they're filled with Risotto dates, Rainbow tops and reunions with your best friend. The risotto we had at the party was so good that we were craving it since Saturday. Somewhere in between our search for a compromise and taking pictures we walked past Vapiano and thought it would be a great idea. Later on I'll meet up with Ninie for some Bellini (how great does that sound though) and we'll go through the footage we shot in Italy on her gopro. I'm really excited about it because we filmed like everything we did. Maybe I'll even post the final video, let's see. But I'll definitely share the rest of our girls holiday pictures at some point because there are plenty of nice ones. Can't wait.


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