My name is Katharina / Katzi / Kat and I’m a 21 year old, Austrian information design student with English roots who lived in Ireland for a little while.

As for me, I’ve always been obsessed with fashion. Over the years my style has enormously evolved, but I enjoyed every single stage. Dancing is my true love, even though I can’t always find enough time for it. Attending an art school helped me develop an eye for detail and it is the source of my interest in design. When I’m not too busy with work you will probably find me sitting in front of my favourite Manet painting eating avo toast. In between all of that, I love long flights and train rides, exploring new places, writing about my thoughts, taking pictures of literally everything and meeting new, interesting and inspiring people along the way.


You will find a lot of fashion posts here. Expect an awful lot of vintage stuff that I collect from every city I visit. Travel posts are my favourite. I love to share pictures and the new places I discover on my journeys. In the course of my studies, I’m trying to post more and more about my work and projects, expanding the blog to my personal design and art portfolio.

I hope you enjoy what you see / read / feel here.