December 11, 2015

Zara coat, jumper and skirt // Miu Miu bag // Quay Australia sunglasses // Ash slip ons

When I was trying to find a proper title for this post, all that came to my mind was the freezing cold we had to deal with that day. It was the first time the temperatures dropped below zero degrees this year and so ‘freezing’ just felt most suitable. I couldn’t feel my hands and nose anymore after we shot these pictures. Honestly, they we’re completely frozen. Next time I’ll wear a scarf and gloves and maybe a hat as well. But I’m still glad I wore this Zara coat. It matched the look very well and most importantly kept me warm.

It’s Friday today but I think I’ll stay at home and have a cozy evening with American Horror Story and tea. I couldn’t sleep last night, I have no idea why but I’m glad that I don’t have any big plans for the weekend since I really need to get some time for myself. Have a wonderful weekend.