November 30, 2015

Zara leather jacket and ripped jeans // Brandy and Melville crop top // Quay Australia sunglasses // Ash slip ons

Happy Monday from my 20 year old self! I can’t really believe that I’m not a teenager anymore. It felt like only a year ago when I turned 16 and somehow everything was the same but at the same time everything has changed.. Anyway, I had a great weekend filled with birthday breakfast, dinner with the family, cocktails with friends and many sweet presents, hugs and kisses. I’m still very exhausted because we had a party last night (yes I know on a Sunday but we’re students, we’re allowed to do that, right?). And I need to get some sleep before I get some more work done.

My sister took these pictures last week right before I got sick for the second time this autumn. Maybe sitting on the cold stone wasn’t the best idea but I think it was just the best way to shoot this outfit. It’s so casual and super comfy. And these slip ons are my favourite shoes at the moment. I try to combine them with elegant pieces as well as entirely casual outfits depending on my mood and the occasion. They go with almost everything and they are extremely comfortable. Lately I also realised that I love wearing grey. I caught myself picking outfit in different grey tones. Maybe that’s just my winter mood or it’s the fact that I like wearing less colour because it looks cool with my hair. Either way, grey outfits are perfect for the cold season with or without a pop of colour.