July 21, 2016

The last month has been extremely stress and eventful. And so have the couple of months before. My whole 2016 has been a mess to be honest. I’ve never experienced that much uncertainty and chaos in my life before which was extremely hard for me since I’m usually a quite organised and structured person. But June was the month everything settled and fell into place. And I’m more than happy to tell you more about it.

First of all, I got accepted for the university course of my dreams. Sounds cheesy I know, but months of working hard on my portfolio and application have paid off and I will start studying information design this October. I think it’s only now that I realise that no other course would suit me better (the hell was I thinking when I started with law haha). I’m truly excited and I can’t wait for autumn.

There will also be another change for me in September. I will go back to ballet class. Just for myself, to disconnect from the world and to bring back the joy and balance it always brought to my life. Dancing has been the one thing that truly made me happy and it played a big role in creating the person I am today and I don’t want to miss it another day.

I feel like I haven’t changed this much personally in my entire life than I have in the last year. My attitude towards so many things in life changed and I’m happier about and prouder of myself. I couldn’t care less about things that once were the center of my life. And my blog, instagram and whatsoever reflects this strongly. I felt less inspired to write about topics I once posted about three times a week and I’d rather take no than always the same pictures of my daily clothes. Maybe I feel inspired in a different way. I love writing this blog and putting effort in creating content. It also feels fantastic to get good response afterwards and knowing that the work gets appreciated. Over the last couple of years I created this little place online for myself and I created a voice and I want to use it for important and good topics that rather inspire your soul than wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to write about fashion. It still is one of my biggest passions. I just don’t want to run another shallow fashion blog.

More art, more design, maybe it will even be a place for my work and portfolio, more travelling and photography and profounder inspiration that truly has a meaning behind it.