Khaki and leather

May 15, 2015

Le Specs Runaway Luxe sunglasses // crop top // Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers // Zara jeans, clutch and jacket

Good morning everyone from my new bed. Yes that’s right I have moved. I have moved in with my best friend more precisely. I am living in the City center of Graz now with lots and lots of space for my clothes, shoes, girls time and men talks. We haven’t done much lately except for putting away my clothes and setting up wardrobes and stuff. But we still found time for our usual conversations. You know I think it’s a wonderful experience to live with your friends at that time of your life. You will learn so much about each other and more importantly about yourself and about essential things in life. And if you’re as lucky as us you will have the chance to borrow each others shoes which is a great thing too (or the best of them all).

So yesterday, right after I had built up my desk my sister came to visit me and we grabbed the chance to take these outfit photos. The weather was really beautiful and it was way too hot with my leather jacket. We took these photos at the opera house which is close to where I’m living now. For this outfit I picked my new Marc Jacobs sneakers. I wasn’t sure if I should get them in pink or in blue but I’m glad with my choice after all. They perfectly fit my new Le Specs sunglasses and together they create this vivid pop of pink next to the black and khaki tones. I also chose to wear my new crop top from that I showed you in my previous post. I’m really in love with their great range of clothing and accessories and I’m pretty sure I will order another thing or two very soon.