First semester

a tiny tiny insight

February 15, 2017

This post has been a particularly hard one for me to write. So much has happened and I haven't shared much of it so I'm trying to put one or two memories of the last couple of months into words. 

First of all I honestly have to say I have never felt better. I have had tons of work and basically zero free time but that doesn't bother me at all. I loved doing every little exercise and every project. My projects included loads of photography. I learned so much about techniques and artisitc photography. I already shared my first photography project and maybe I will post the other ones too at some point. Also, I wrote the code for a portfolio website, which I always wanted to learn how to do. I built my own room in 3D, laid out about a hundred of pages in InDesign and sketched a hundred more dominos. 

But most importantly I met the greatest people. I had more beer than ever, spend nights philosophising about design, art and pretty much anything else. I'm really excited for everything that is still ahead of me. But for now there are a couple of projects that I still need to finish before going back in two weeks. I will be skiing again next week and I really can't wait. Even though there are no lectures at the moment, there is still so much to do so this will pretty much be my only week of holidays. But I'll really need it and I will enjoy every bit of it.