Or what I've been up to since summer

October 23, 2016

Oh no where should I start? A lot has happened since I wrote my last post. So, so many great experiences and memories honestly. You know I started uni at the beginning of this month and I know it has only been three weeks but I love this course more and more everyday. We have so many interesting projects and lectures but most importantly I met lots of great people. People who are already so important to me, friends. I haven't felt this good in months thanks to all of this. 

Currently I'm working on a lot of projects. Mostly personal ones. It's just so astonishing when you meet new people who are just like you, have the same interests and opinions. And suddenly you have so many great ideas because you get so inspired by people's personalities and your whole new enviroment, by each other. I'm looking forward to giving you more and more insights into these projects soon.