October 1, 2016

Last night my friend and I were sitting on the couch. It was midnight, we already had some wine and we were sipping on that first gin and tonic of the night when we realised it was the 1st of October. We both love the colder season and so we just sat there laughing tipsily in our knitted jumpers. Nevertheless I am looking back on my last trip to Croatia today, sharing the summer vibes with you one more time.

This honestly was a great trip. I feel like I really needed to escape my mind and routine for a while. And being at the sea always fixes everything that is broken. We stayed in this absolutely gorgeous hotel outside the city of Opatija. The hotel was really small, it only had about 40 rooms and everything felt so personal and private. There was a little beach with the most comfortable beanbags where I probably spent 90 percent of my time reading The Great Gatsby, drinking the amazing green smoothies they had and making sure I don't get sunburned. 

On the second night I made friends with the cat. We had dinner at the hotel's restaurant which was too good to be true. I was honestly looking forward to dinner all day. I was eating homemade pasta with mussels when this pretty little red cat slightly touched my leg with its head. She was so cute so I shared some mussels with her. After that, I met her at dinner every night. 

One day we went into the city. 'Am I still in Austria?' was probably the first thing I thought when I saw the old buildings and villas that look way to similiar to the old town of Graz or some parts of Vienna. Opatija used to be a very popular holiday resort for Austrian aristocrats during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. They built many hotels, promenades and bathing places, turning Opatija into one of Europe's most important health resorts. Many famous emperors, writers, philosophers, poets and composers used to stay here. I really like visiting historical places like that. It makes me feel like I can experience a little part of the history myself. 

The day before we returned, we had dinner at this lovely but ultra fancy restaurant with the most amazing sea view. It felt like I was sitting on the beach even though I was in a closed room. Closed maybe not so much because they had a wall that was just made out of glass that they had open all the time. I had fish there and this super delicious watermelon sorbet. I just wish I could have some of that right now it was so good. 

I created this little to do list just in case you ever want to visit Opatija and have no idea what to do: 

Take a walk at the promenade. I think it's even more beautiful at night time when the lights are on and you can hear the sound of the waves hitting the shore. 
While you're walking along the promenade, go visit the maiden with the seagull.
Have a swim in the ocean. The water is so beautifully clear and don't forget your diving goggles. You will see lots of fish, urchins and sparkly stones. 
Eat the most amazing olive oil and truffles in the world. No seriously, the Croatian olive oil is excellent. Generally, the cuisine there is one of my favourite. I love their fish, sea food, risottos, pasta and all of that good stuff. 

I spent my last day at the pool with my laptop getting some work done with my new cat friend. There probably isn't a nicer way to edit pictures and write emails. I went for one more swim in the sea with my huge air matress. Yes, they had loads of floaties at the hotel that you could use at any time. That was probably my favourite part about the hotel. Afterwards we had our final lunch and I packed my suitcase.

Four hours later I came home with a clear mind, a slightly tanned skin and some new energy in my heart.