January 11, 2016

Brandy Melville playsuit // Le Specs sunglasses

Sand between my toes, a cool breeze on my almost burnt skin, salty hair and lips.. I already miss the beach as I’m sitting here with my tea looking outside at the garden that is entirely covered in snow. I have never loved the hot weather too much but over the past couple of days I’ve completely fallen in love with the incredibly beautiful landscape and nature, the odd sounds of the animals over there that I’ve never heard before in my life, with long nights spent talking to new people and drinking gin and tonics, walking on the beach and climbing every rock. The day we took these pictures was, without a doubt a very well spent day. It all began with coffee and weetabix and ended with seeing my first kangaroo. And in between that and lots of fishing we took the camera to the beach. I like the natural way these pictures turned out. They are so different to the photos that I usually publish but changes and diversities are highly welcome this year.

Naturally, I have been reflecting on the past year as everyone else is busy setting resolutions for the upcoming one. 2015 was one of the most challenging, frustrating, happiest and event fullest years for me so far. I had to face obstacles that left a mark on me and I visited new cities and countries, met new people and made new friends. I hope 2016 will be another year filled with continual growth and I have never been more excited.