June 21, 2016

It doesn’t matter if I go there for a month it always seems so incredibly short. I truly believe there is not enough time on earth to do all the great things that London allows you to do. Which is why I try to come back at least once a year since I was 12. It was the first time for Harry to visit the city and even the country (how can you be called Harry, have a British passport and never visited England before, I know right?). But I think he liked it almost as much as I did.

We stayed in East London and it was the first time for me in this part of the city. Walking through the colourful streets of Shoreditch almost seems like being in a completely different city as I spent most of my time there in Kensington and Covent Garden. The whole atmosphere is different but so relaxed and inspiring. My number one recommendation would be the Cereal Killer Café for breakfast and having a cream cheese Beigel to go on Brick lane while exploring the impressing street art and vintage shops. I promise you, even if you’ve been to London a few times this will be a completely new experience.