January 19, 2016

Le Specs sunglasses // Brandy Melville playsuit and cardigan // Nike roshe

It’s been two weeks already since I came back to freezing Austria but there are still some pictures left that I wanted to share with you. We took these photos early this month on our beautiful day trip to the city. The day began with a walk along Manly beach and the worst vegetable smoothie you can possibly get for 10 dollars. After lunch we took the ferry over to Sydney. My first impression of the city was incredibly wonderful. The harbour including the opera and the bridge was even more breathtaking than I ever imagined. I had this particular idea in my head of how it would all look like. Maybe that’s because I watched too much Dance Academy when I was younger or I am just used to the small and cosy atmosphere of Graz. First of all we sat down at the Opera bar and had a glass of wine and a little bite to eat before we walked around the city and explored every vintage shop while I only bought a ton of papaw ointment that will last me a lifetime and a stuffed kangaroo toy for my little sister. Before we took the train back, we ended our day trip with dim sums and frozen yoghurt in Chinatown.

When I look back I am truly grateful for all the things I was able to experience. My memories I have from this trip and every other journey in 2015. If somebody told me one year ago that I was able to travel that much, I wouldn’t believe them. And even though I probably said it a thousand times, this is the thing I love most about travelling. It is the only thing you spend money on that genuinely makes you richer. Everything that’s left after coming home are the good memories, experiences and stories that you will tell and pictures that you will show your friends. This time I also came home with some mosquito bites in the middle of winter and Tim Tam biscuits in my suitcase. But after all it’s exactly these experiences, good and bad, that we won’t be able to find at home that really enrich our lives and influence our personalities.