The 9 streets

April 28, 2016

Here are finally some pictures from our first day in Amsterdam. I want to apologize for the lack of posts recently. A lot has been going on. I had a very important course almost every afternoon and night for the whole last month and I’ve been working a lot in the office and on private projects too. I’m also working on blog at the moment. There are many things I want to change and improve and I’m also creating some new designs and stuff so stay tuned.

It was bloody freezing and rainy that day. I can still remember how glad I was when we finally went inside a shop so I could feel my hands again. We went for a walk through the nine streets on our first day to check out the vintage shops and lovely little boutiques that these streets are famous for. I would totally recommend you to check out Zipper. It’s definitely one of my favourite vintage shops. There are also some sweet little cafés in that area that are worth a visit. Here is a great list of shops on the nine streets but I’d definitely advise you to go there, explore, get lost and find the coolest places by accident. That’s the way I love to see a new city and Amsterdam is just perfect for that.