Venice impressions

December 4, 2015

I’ve got a tiny bit of Venice left to share with you today. I can’t believe how beautiful this city is. Every corner is just so picture perfect and there was pretty much nothing that we didn’t want to take photos of with our phones and cameras. Yes, two phones and two cameras seemed a bit too much for only two people so I stopped carrying my camera around after about 30 minutes. But I still think I was able to capture the gorgeous and magical atmosphere of Venice with just my phone. And this city truly is a magical place.

There is so much left to do before I can finally start my weekend. Tons of editing, writing and emailing. Then I’ll go to the gym with Ninie after not being there in weeks (sorry). And I guess I’ll cook something as well. I should really start cooking proper meals. Am I the only person who just can’t be bothered to actually cook something and then end up eating something like an apple or just an avocado on toast? My boyfriend cooks meals like couscous with onions, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and stuff that I can’t even pronounce. Well I’m a very lucky girl and I think I’ll bake some Christmas biscuits for him later (because that’s one thing I can actually make). Have a great weekend everyone!