through a fish eye lense

December 12, 2016

Last weekend I packed my five cameras, a little bit of Christmas money and my friend Tobi for a short weekend trip to Vienna. He is, by the way this weird guy that appears on my instagram feed almost more than I do. We study together and since we're stuck in this little group together and basically have identical interests we're stuck with each other. But that's alright, he is okay (bussi if you read that). It's so nice to have good friends who share the same interests and attitudes. 

Vienna is always a beautiful place to visit. Especially around Christmas time. First of all I wanted to get the Christmas shopping done of course and second of all I wanted to empty all of the vintage shops there are in Vienna. And inbetween that we wanted to try out this new analog camera I found at my grandparent's place. But for now I can only show you the ones we took digitally. I have always loved analog photography. Every single picture is so unique and special and the feeling, when you finally see the developed picture is the best. It's always a surprise, like a little present to yourself. And after all you select your subjects more carefully and you always think twice before you actually take the picture. 

pictures by Tobi and me