January 26, 2016

Vintage Hèrmes Kelly bag // Zara coat and scarf // Forever 21 jumper // Brandy Melville jeans // Nike roshe

One more day and my boyfriend is finally home. Yes home. The fact that he called Graz home makes me so happy honestly. So not even this super amazing vintage Hèrmes Kelly bag can take my mind off of him. But let’s talk about it anyway. I can’t get enough of this bag lately. It’s one of the most iconic and classic bags with lots of history behind it. And I just love vintage clothing and accessories. It always feels like they have a certain character and story to tell, like they have experienced even more than me. I also think wearing pieces like that together with modern fashion and mixing them with contemporary trends makes it even more interesting. This is why I chose to wear my nikes that day. It just made the whole outfit look a bit more casual which I truly enjoyed that day when I had coffee and thai food with my sister.